What Grads Say...

“The UCSD combined program in particular, provided me with incredible preparation for the kind of work I am doing now.”

-     Dr. Murat Akalin (Class of 2006), Harvard Medical School

“In the last four years, I've only become more resolute in the idea that medical education and public service are not mutually exclusive, but in fact are complementary in the development of well-trained physicians."

-     Dr. Nicole Esposito (Class of 2008), Medical College of Ohio, Toledo

 “The UCSD Combined Residency is a program with excellent mentors and tremendous opportunities.”

-     Dr. Rogelio Samorano (Class of 2009), Stanford University SOM

What is the Combined Program?


 The Combined Program at the University of California, San Diego offers a training experience unlike any other.  The program sits at the interface between UCSD, a world-renown academic institution known for cutting-edge research and high-caliber clinical training, and St. Vincent de Paul Village, one of the most comprehensive homeless centers in the United States.  The combined residents are immersed in a program that integrates family medicine and psychiatry and focuses this training on a high-risk, medically ill, and underserved patient population.  Newly matched residents will certainly learn the knowledge and skills needed to practice each discipline at the highest level. They will also have the chance to make a real difference in the lives of their patients from their very first clinical session.  

   The UCSD Combined Program brings the best of academic medicine into a community medicine setting, while nurturing residents' compassion and caring to make a fundamental difference in the lives of the most underserved among us.