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Jennifer Brewer, MD 

Jennie Brewer grew up primarily in San Diego, but spent summers every year in Montana, which nurtured her passion for everything outdoors. Jennie enjoyed a diversity of interests throughout undergrad at UC Berkeley, working as kitchen manager for a cooperative, doing research in a biochemistry lab, volunteering in a special needs aquatic program for children with cerebral palsy and autism, chasing endorphins on the triathlon team, and staying present through meditation. She sought to explore the full spectrum of what it means to be human, double majoring in molecular and cell biology and English Literature. While living abroad in Tahiti she reflected that medicine would be the most encompassing representation of her calling. She decided to experience a new region of the country and was won over by the program at University of Michigan Medical School.

 Jennie excelled in medical school, was a member of AOA Honor Society, and received several scholarships for her writing and devotion to underserved medicine. She was recognized for her well-rounded success as a medical student by being interviewed for a book entitled "Honors Medical Students: America's Best and Brightest." Meanwhile, Jennie continued her passions in community activism, sustainability, and physical challenges alongside her education by working in free clinics, volunteering with a local organic farm, working with animal rescue, and continuing triathlon training. She also spent two months working in a community clinic in rural Belize.

Jennie's broad range of interests led her to pursue a career in family medicine & psychiatry, as she aspires to cultivate a sense of well-being and purpose in her patients through an appreciation for everything that shapes human experience. She particularly enjoys working among those with the greatest need, and fell in love with the program at UCSD for the opportunity to work at St. Vincent's clinic and to be surrounded by her inspiring and well-rounded compatriots. She also appreciates the sunshine every day that she rides her bike to work. Jennie hopes to integrate her interests in community activism, health and sustainability by working with organic farms to supply local vegetables to the kitchen in St. Vincent's shelter. Hobbies otherwise include perpetual swimming/biking/running, rock climbing, kickboxing, dancing, writing, meditation, cooking, and spending time with friends and family at every opportunity.