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Kurtis Lindeman, M.D.

Interim Residency Director

Kurt Lindeman grew up in rural western Wisconsin.  In High School he worked with a student organization to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS as well as trained in a program of peer mentors.  Dr Lindeman received his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin with majors in Astrophysics and Philosophy.  During college he continued his work as a peer mentor within the Physics Department, providing both tutoring and mentoring to under-represented students taking introductory physics.  Dr Lindeman received his MD from the Medical College of Wisconsin.  While in medical school he balanced his studies by forming a jazz band with his fellow students, competing in the National College Curling Championships, and volunteering at the Student Run Free Clinic.

Dr Lindeman is a graduate of the UC San Diego Combined Family Medicine and Psychiatry Program.  During residency he chaired the Family Medicine Resident Advisory committee, sat as a resident representative on the UC San Diego Medical Ethics Committee, and trained in Balint Group Therapy.  His resident research project looked at the prevalence of mental health diagnoses in the primary care setting and the relationship of these diagnoses to chronic disease.  He was the recipient of the Resident Teacher of the Year award.

Dr Lindeman had the honor of accepting a faculty position with UC San Diego upon graduation, and later on the Program Director role within the Combined Program.  In addition to providing integrated physical and mental health care at Father Joe’s Villages Family Health Center he is the psychiatrist for Father Joe’s Villages Project 25 team, coordinates the Behavioral Medicine curriculum for the UC San Diego Family Medicine Residency Program, and has a primary care practice at UC San Diego’s Family Medicine Lewis Street Clinic.

Outside of medicine Kurt enjoys soccer, film, literature, and playing guitar.

“The Combined Program helped me become the physician I want be.  I’ve learned to provide a holistic approach to physical and mental health care that allows me to treat all aspects of a person’s wellbeing.  Moreover, working at St Vincent’s lets me help those in need and be part of the solution of provision of health care to the underserved.  It is amazing what’s being done at The Village on a daily basis.  Working alongside Combined colleagues as a resident and now as faculty has been an honor and has made me a better physician.  When you get to teach such intelligent and altruistic residents you can go home feeling happy, knowing you made a difference.”