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This Mission and Vision statement was proposed and drafted by the Combined Residents in 2005.

Our Mission

We are committed to training compassionate physicians to become competent and confident in the full spectrum of practice in family medicine and psychiatry, and expert at the interface, as we provide care to complex, medically underserved patients.

Our Vision

We envision that our training program will feature the following:

  • Training opportunities in our hospitals where we care for patients of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and socioeconomic strata.
  • Accommodation for those patients who, because of their complex combination of physical and mental illness, cannot receive care in traditional health care delivery models
  • An emphasis on caring for those who are medically underserved
  • An emphasis on cultural competency as we care for a diverse patient population
  • A learning environment that fosters leadership, ingenuity, and creative solutions to complex health care problems
  • Innovative training opportunities that encourage the development of multifaceted skill sets, flexibility, confidence, and competence to respond to any clinical problem in any setting

Our Values include but are not limited to:

  • We believe that all people have a right to excellence in health care, regardless of their ability to pay
  • We believe that people who have both medical and psychiatric illness also have a right to comprehensive, integrated health care, and they deserve competent specialty care, even though in some instances, their illnesses may pose a challenge to serve them in typical health care settings
  • We believe that we are not only independent psychiatrists and family physicians, but are specialists at the interface of both family medicine and psychiatry
  • We believe we are part of a continuum of health care and other services to people in poverty, who suffer illness of any sort