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There are few experiences more rewarding than making a real difference in a patient's life.  Learning the skills to be both a family physician and a psychiatrist all in one visit and caring for high risk, underserved patients can give you the tools and experience to do just this.  With combined faculty in place to help residents truly integrate physical and behavioral health in each visit, the UC San Diego Combined Program aims to graduate residents who are ready to meet the needs of their patients with the understanding that to find health, the mind and the body must work together. 

At the end of the five year curriculum for the Combined Family Medicine and Psychiatry Residency Training Program, graduates of the program apply to the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology and are prepared to sit for each specialty board examination.  Although all training experiences are the same in scope and content as those completed by the separate Family Medicine and Psychiatry residencies, integration and not separation of the skill sets is a high priority in our training environment. 

The out-patient portion of the combined residency has a particular emphasis on the care of the homeless or otherwise medically underserved populations.  The Family Medicine Center and part of the out-patient Psychiatry Clinic are situated in the Medical Clinic of St. Vincent de Paul Village, which provides a comprehensive continuum of services for the homeless community of San Diego County . We believe that the establishment of the program in an out-patient clinic which serves the homeless, the medically underserved, and the medical needs of the persistently mentally ill is a unique and particularly rich and rewarding training experience.

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