Kelley DeLeeuw, MD, MPH


Kelley DeLeeuw came to us from Ponce School of Medicine in Puerto Rico having grown up in the San Diego area. She earned her undergraduate degree from Duke University in Latin American Studies and Health Policy and her MPH from the University of North Carolina. Her research has focused on addressing ethno-cultural factors in preventive health strategies among disadvantaged youth and she has written extensively in this area. She excelled throughout medical school and was an Alpha Kappa Pi inductee. She speaks Spanish and Portuguese and enjoys the outdoors and teaching Capoeira, an Afro-Brazilian art form that makes a ritual of movements from martial arts, games, and dance.

Likes: baked goods, dogs, "This American Life" podcast, coffee, how I feel after exercise, Thai food, Brazilian music, green mint chocolate chip ice cream, autobiographies
Dislikes: whispering, indoor shopping malls, going to the dentist (I still go!), the middle seat in airplanes, soda