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Dr. Chris Searles Named to the Community Health Improvement Partners Board of Directors

The Community Health Improvement Partners (CHIP) is a collaboration of San Diego health care systems, hospitals, community clinics, insurers, physicians, universities, community based organizations and the County of San Diego who are dedicated to a common vision. The mission of CHIP is to improve the health of all San Diegans through needs assessment, advocacy, education, and programs best accomplished collectively.

Dr. Searles was recently named to CHIP's board of directors where he will help oversee programs that are vital to the region.  Initiatives include:

Needs Assessment:  This triennial report outlines changes and trends in health issues in San Diego County and provides a basis upon which community health programs and interventions can be targeted, developed, and evaluated.

Access to Care (ATC): The ATC work team corroboratively develops ways to reduce or eliminate barriers to care by addressing issues of the uninsured and increasing competency in health literacy, cultural and linguistic issues, transportation, and care coordination.

Safety Net Connect (SNC): The SNC project is developing a network and application that makes it possible for hospital emergency departments to schedule appointments at, and share information with, community clinics for patients without medical homes.

ICANATWORK: ICANATWORK is a free coalition of local business leaders, CEOs, human resource directors and wellness experts designed to help businesses of all sizes adopt effective wellness strategies. 

Behavioral Health (BHWT): BHWT contributes to the improvement of the mental / behavioral health of the public and the behavioral health services that serve them through augmenting existing and/or developing new programs that strive to make significant, measurable impacts to the community.

Suicide Prevention Action Plan Committee (SPAP_C): On April 1, 2010, the County of San Diego awarded CHIP a grant to form an interagency Suicide Prevention Action Plan Committee (SPAPC) to create and introduce a Mental Health Services Suicide Prevention Action Plan for San Diego County. 

San Diego County Childhood Obesity Initiative (COI): The COI is a public-private partnership whose mission is to reduce and prevent childhood obesity in San Diego County by creating healthy environments for all children and families through advocacy, education, policy development, and environmental change.